Monday, September 29, 2014

Hi, and welcome to my new (and only) blog. For most of my life I thought a blog had something to do with muddy roads in Montana. But here we go...

My family and I have been continually surprised and delighted with all the attention I've received on Facebook and in local newspapers. Listener comments about broadcast memories we have shared over these many years have been very kind and generous. I am in their debt because nobody had more fun than I did.

Since my old radio station was sold and my job as an official heart-starter and host of a music and information program was eliminated, I'm on a weekend that never seems to end. I've done all the odd jobs my Roomie and I could find and now I'm bugging local radio stations for opportunities to keep my voice on the air. I'll keep you posted on that and, from time to time, share some things you might enjoy.

Your Bogut

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