Saturday, November 22, 2014

You Can Too!
Author, Thomas Wolfe once wrote, “You can’t go home again.”

Occasionally he is wrong.

When my last radio station went dark, Larry Richert invited me to be a guest on the KDKA Morning News. After his introduction, I held up my hand for silence and said, tentatively,
“Hello, hello, your Bogut says hello. Did that go through?
Larry looked puzzled and said, “Yeah…”

You see, it was 31 years since KDKA and I parted company and I was worried my voice wouldn’t fit through the transmitter again. Those alumni filters can be tough!

But not only did my voice go through loud and clear, KDKA has been kind enough to invite me back on the air Monday through Friday at 5:20 PM, to do what I used to do – share stories and show Home Movies on radio – projected on that big personal screen of imagination that only you can see.

To quote from my book – Big Sky Café:
“No matter where we were born or where our parents came from, whether we're rich or poor, plain or fancy, we share more things that make us the same than set us apart.  You and I are bound together by a common denominator: that sometimes sticky glue of human experience that we thought happened only to us.  It's an absolute joy to find that these moments of personal triumph or turmoil happened to everybody, in one way or another.”

          As your resident storyteller, I get to search out and find things that will make you either nod or shake your head, laugh out loud or groan, get misty eyed or snort, make time pass more quickly when life slows down, or pick up tempo when it drags.

          To tell a story to someone on the same wavelength - in this case, 1020 - is one of life’s great pleasures. You and I can do it again beginning December 1st, on News Radio 1020, KDKA.

          Once in a while you can go home again.

          And round trips are good.

Jack Bogut


  1. Jack, I need an MP3 of the "Start your heart, eat a Farkleberry Tart and tear the world apart" song. I was just in the Burgh, and my niece was telling me about her Farkleberry cookie sale. I started to sing your song, and everyone looked at me somewhat askance. I would love to be able to post that to her FB page. Glad your back at KDKA! Thanks, Doug

  2. Congratulations to Jack, and to KDKA for making such a smart move. I predict a spike in KDKA's 5:00 pm ratings in December as the Portable People Meters go off the charts.